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How to get started with Visual WIP.

Setting up a board

  • Adding 2*2 Dual columns that share the work-in-progress limit
  • Adding new window for second monitor
  • Adding 2 Single columns with different work item sizes
  • Activate Design Mode, resizing andreposition columns
  • Adding Rich text column

Edit work item

You can edit a work item on the board by double clicking the sticky on the board. This will open the standard TFS work item editor. Any changes made to the work item will be reflected on the board when the board is refreshed.

Visualization customization

Visual WIP is designed to give you as much visualization customization as possible. Today this customization has to be done by making changes to the runtime loaded xaml files found in the installation folder for Visual WIP. Here is a short description of the files:
  • MainResources.xaml – contains design elements related to shell and common design elements
  • WorkItemResources.xaml – contains design elements related to work items
  • Tfs2010WorkItemWorkProvider.xaml – contains TFS specific design elements
See an example

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