Feature Request: Drag & Drop Cards

Dec 28, 2011 at 7:13 PM

Hello, I came across this tool and @ first look I"m quite impressed.  I like the flexibility wrt process & queries.

One feature that I'd personally love would be to allow interacting with the board by dragging cards from one column to another.

I realize that this tool is mostly about visualization, but one of the great features of a kanban board is the great feeling of advancing cards from one column to the next. (See trello.com)

I also realize that this would be somewhat complex to implement, you would probably have to define some sort of 'transformation' that happens to a work item when a card is dropped there, as well as possibly an alternate visual mode that allows for the manipulating of the cards.

Either way, great tool & let me know what you think about this feature.

Thanx, T.J.

Dec 29, 2011 at 12:55 PM

Hi T.J.

Do you know that you can double click on a card and the standard Work Item editor will open in Visual WIP?

You are correct that Visual WIP is mainly targeted as visualization tool. The design to use queries to populate the columns makes Visual WIP very flexible and very adaptive to process changes without requiring changes to the process template in TFS. As Visual WIP is mainly designed for Kanban users the low friction to change the visualization is crucial. Adding drag and drop support would add a very high degree of complexity or a very high coupling to the process template in TFS and this would not be beneficial for Kanban users .

I have played with the idea of adding some kind of ‘transformation’ as you drop a work item on a column but this would be very hard to build without dropping to into code. If dropping to code is ok then MEF based approach could be implemented where you would associate a transform to a column.

For me the amount of work required to make drag and drop work in a flexible and low coupling way is way too high for the perceived benefit. What do you think?

Hakan Forss