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Example 1. Main window and Window 1 on two monitors

Beta 2 is now out! New improved UI and better custom visualization support

Visual WIP is a visualization tool to make your Work In Progress (WIP) visible. The standard visualization is a card-wall with stickies in different columns.

If work-in-progress limits are set for a column the same amount of kanban’s(slots/placeholders) are added to the column. If more work is added to the column than the set work-in-progress limit the column background will change color.

The main goals of Visual WIP is to:

  • Visualizer a process work-in-progress by using strong visual signals.
  • Utilize multi monitors to enable to both show an overview from more that 10 feet’s and show detailed information when closer.
  • Use a plug-in model to enable customization and support different electronic backing systems.
  • Not tied to a specific process as Kanban can be applied to any process.



Example 2. Main window on one monitor


Visual WIP is designed to be highly customizable. Most of the visuals are defined in xaml files that are loaded at startup. You are free to make any changes to the xaml files to fit your visualization needs. You can easily change what sizes, colors,images, work item fields and so on to show or not show.

Multi Monitor support

Visual WIP is designed to be shown on as many monitor as possible. It is recommended to use high resolution monitors over use of monitors that are big in size. The default design uses quite a bit of screen real estate, this is by design. This enables to both to show an overview from more that 10 feet’s and show detailed information when closer. As previously described the design can be customized if this is not appropriate for your situation.

Supporting different electronic systems

Visual WIP is built to support many different electronic systems. Visual WIP is built using a plug-in model where the plug-in, or provider, is responsible to get the work items to visualize.

Currently there is one work item provider for Visual WIP. That provider is for Team Foundation Server 2010. All thou this provider has not been extensively tested with Team Foundation Server 2008 it should work.

There are plans to add support for SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010 in the near future.


Example 3. Team Foundation Server Work Item Editor. Double click on the sticky on the board to edit.


Visual WIP is designed to be used as a virtual kanban board and is not tie to any specific process. Visual WIP can be used with Scrum and visualize a virtual Scrum board but there is no built in user story swim lane support.

Basic Swimlanes

Example 4 & 5. Two very different processes

Visual WIP is design to have a separate query for every column. When using Team Foundation Server this means that you select a Team Queries for every column. You can use the queries already defined by your process template or you can defines your own.


Example 6. Select the Team Query that will represent a column on the board.

The version is primary tested against MSF for Agile for Team Foundation Server 2010.

Help wanted!

Are you interested in contributing to the project? We appreciate any help we can get. We are especially looking for help with UX work and help with building an SharePoint provider.

Progress and information

Progress reports are posted at Håkan Forss blog under the Visual WIP tag

You can also follow Visual WIP at twitter @VisualWIP

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